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Simplas PVC Recycling is a UK based PVCu Plastic Recycling company, specialising in the processing of waste plastic materials, predominantly post industrial PVCu waste from manufacturing, as well as ABS, Polyethalenes, Nylons and Polypropylenes Through several processes we are able to recover and recycle PVC and other plastic waste on a large industrial scale, transforming it into a reusable material, mainly in the form of PVC regrind or PVC rechip, PVCu Resin and PVC Powders, and general plastic regrinds.

We are experts in the recycling of all PVCu materials, both rigid PVCu and Flexible PVCu, such as recycled pvc pipe and profile, PVCu from Window Profile, PVCu head waste and lump from the manufacturing of pvc profile, pvc injection grade products, PVC sheet, PVC flexible materials, PVC from medical grade materials and pvc cable waste, Cellular or foam filled PVC products. All of these materials are available in pvc regrind form and samples are available upon request.

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Post Industrial Manufacturing Waste

Waste derived from manufacturing that has no potential for further use, such as PVC pipe, UPVC window profile or anything manufactured from PVC.  Manufacturing waste from the start up process, headwaste,  production waste, all types of plastics will be considered from ABS, Polypropylene, Nylon, Polyethylene, Polycarbonate and Aycrilic.

Mixed Plastic Waste
Reprocessed Materials, PVC Plastics Regrind, PVC Pipe Regrind
Recycled Plastic Regrind

Simplas has over the last few years developed several in house processes to meet the ever growing demand to tackle mixed plastic waste.  We can now offer a service that can fully recycle some types of mixed plastics, through several processes we produce a range of fully usable recycled plastic regrinds and pulverised plastics.

These materials can be detrimental to the success of a company, due to their high quality and lower cost than prime virgin materials. The materials available today from us are helping reduce costs for companies and allowing them to be more competitive in the market place on the products they produce.

Our aim is to help you recover materials that would otherwise be destined for landfill and to maximise the opportunities they can offer, green efficiency, maximising your workplace space and potential revenue.

Through various processes we maximise the usable materials that can be derived from your waste streams and recycle them into usable products.

We offer fully recycled products, in regrind and compound forms ready to be reused in various manufacturing applications.

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Simplas PVC Recycling is a trading name of Simplas Waste Management Ltd company number 07763992.

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