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Simplas PVC Recycling is based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire and was established in 2011 by the Managing Director Marc Kelly to meet the ever growing demand to recycle waste plastics, predominantly PVC materials and divert them from landfill in order to meet European recycling and sustainability targets of 800,000 tonnes per year by 2020 as set out by Recovinyl Plus.  


The company has grown quickly and established itself in the PVC market place and is now widely recognised as a leader in the recovery, disposal and recycling of all types of PVC from rigid extrusion and injection moulded PVC, post industrial UPVC window profile, flexible PVC, foam filled and cellular based PVC materials.


The company has built its reputation based on offering simple solutions to dispose of unwanted recyclable plastic materials in an environmentally responsible way, working with several companies to achieve ISO 14001 status.  Once we have the materials on site in our dedicated facility, we reprocess them, and after several stages we produce a high quality recycled product that is ready for use in a number of manufacturing applications.

Should you have specific requirements for a recycled plastic material to use in a particular application, we can source these materials and offer you a tailor made recycled product to help you achieve greater green credentials. Feel free to contact us regarding any enquiry you may have.

Newer developments within Simplas PVC Recycling involve us working along side our partners in the UK and Europe, and are very pleased to be able to offer its customers high grade reprocessed compound PVC materials and should the need arise, prime virgin PVC materials made to your required specification.

Simplas firmly believes that PVC offers a green environmentally friendly plastic for everyone to benefit from. For more information click here

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